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Whip Hill Whippets


On Labor Day 2014, Pretzel -- GCH UCH Merci Isle Zig Zag Girl FCh SC -- came to reside at Whip Hill. I feel so very fortunate to have gotten this lovely sound bitch from Iva Kimmelman (Merci Isle) thanks to Karen Lee's (Surrey Hill) suggestion. I was able to show and finish Pretzel to her AKC conformation championship in 7 months followed shortly by her American Field Sighthound Association (ASFA) Field Champion Certificate. Pretzel will be the future foundation of Whip Hill Whippets.

I recently had the privilege to co-breed a litter with Iva Kimmelman. CH Merci Isle Hi Vue x Merci isle Eglantyne whelped the litter on April 28, 2015. Pretzel delivered 6 girls and three boys on July 5, 2016! I look forward to growing out and showing these promising youngsters as a part of the new vision for Whip Hill!

Pretzel - Merci Isle Zig Zag Girl

CH Merci Isle Incantation x DC GCH Surrey Hill's Golden Boy LCM

Winners Bitch New Champion Under Judge June Penta

Pretzel winning the Adult Match at the CWA National 2014

Pretzel featured in e-Whippetzine

Pretzel featured in e-Whippetzine

Four boys and four girls!

Arrow - Merci Isle Whip Hill Change Direction 

Pretzel - Ch Merci Isle Zig Zag Girl FCh

Winning Major Select Under Judge Dana Cline

Central New Jersey Hound Association


GCh UCh Merci Isle Zig Zag Girl LCM SC

Doing what she loves, chasing the bunny!

Pretzel featured in e-Whippetzine

Pretzel delivered 6 girls and 3 boys on July 5th! 

Pretzel's litter born July 5,2016

From Pretzel's Litter

Whip Hill Tender Merci aka Winston

From the Pretzel/Arrow litter

Whip Hill Autumn Mist aka Tardy

Winning the puppy sweepstakes at the American Whippet Club's Eastern Regional Specialty from the 6-9 month class.